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Word With Two Hands:  I hate having to drag my mouse to a tiny word at the top of the screen, page through an menu to select a function, and then drag it back to its original spot. Don’t you?

I designed a two-handed word processor that allows the non-preferred hand to initiate function selection, automatically restores the mouse to the spot that was being edited following function selection, and introduces a new two-handed method to select text.

It follows the principles of the Kinematic Chain as outlined by Yves Guiard: the actions of the non-preferred hand provide the frame of reference for the preferred hand, precede the preferred hand's actions, and are generally more coarse than those of the preferred hand.

In practice, the NP hand guides the paper while the preferred hand draws or writes; the NP hand guides the bat while the preferred hand makes fine adjustments to the swing.

Since most of our time in word processing is spent typing, adding another input device to Word may not result in large improvements in speed, but it may help the writer keep his focus on writing rather than mouse manipulation.

Keyboard with Two Mice